WPA Scaffold Services

Temporary Roofs

Temporary Roofs, Tin Hats or Canopy’s as they are sometimes referred to, offer more than just weather proofing. Temporary roofs protect a construction project from weather, dust and environment damage.

Scaffold Design & Calculations

WPA Scaffolding offer an in-house design service which will allow you to get the perfect scaffolding for your project. Detailed plans need to be drawn by an experienced team, not only for the structure itself but the installation of scaffolding.

Scaffold Inspection Service

It is the scaffold users / hirers responsibility to ensure that all scaffolding has been inspected as follows: 1) following installation /  before first use 2) at an interval of no more than every 7 days thereafter 3) following any circumstances liable to jeopardise the safety of the installation eg high winds. Our scaffold inspectors will help you to ensure your scaffolding is safe and has been built as per a design or we will advise otherwise.

Conventional Tube and Fitting

Safe, sturdy and extremely versatile, Tube and fitting scaffolding is the traditional type of scaffolding widley used throughout the UK. Ideal of complex and demanding jobs.

HAKI System Scaffolding

HAKI modular scaffolding systems are trusted by clients and contractors worldwide. HAKI achieves ultimate efficiency and safety when assembling and working at height during temporary works, in a variety of challenging industry sectors.

Access staircases

WPA Scaffolding has come away from using the traditional ladders as a means of access. All of our jobs will be erected with a HAKI system staircase to allow better safety access and egress from the working platforms.

Edge Protection

WPA  Scaffolding are designers and installers of temporary roof edge protection. Our temporary edge protection systems have been designed and tested to Class A, B and C of the European Standard BS EN 13374:2013, providing complete safety when working at height.

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